Missy Curvy Realistic Sex Doll

The cuddly plush playboy bunny is anxiously awaiting his Hugh Hefner, who will bring her home and spoil her. The bunny will treat you well and give you a moment of pleasure in return.

Missy kneels in front of you for an  interview, and you can see her enormous breasts, giving her the appearance of a Playboy Bunny. She has a pretty tone, has a pretty figure, and turned her pretty face even more beautiful. You should be aware that this sex doll is the goddess of many people’s fantasies. She has extremely plump breasts, skin that is extremely elastic, and bronze skin that is very attractive. Her breasts are perfectly shaped. The jovial expression is very temperamental and looks adorable and charming. Made of medical grade TPE is used to make these dolls. These highly simulated male sex dolls are hypoallergenic, safe, and free of chemicals. At the same time, high-end metal skeletons with strong, flexible joints are added to them. made of sturdy material that lasts. Give this sexy bunny girl a shot if you like sex dolls in general!

Missy, you’re one hot mama! The new girl on the block is a big, pretty woman with a lot of cushion for pushing

The most prestigious sex doll brand is WM Dolls™. The incredible bodies and extremely detailed design from head to toe make WM lifelike sex dolls famous. You will have a sexual encounter like you’ve never had before with this doll.

The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) used to make the doll is extremely soft and lifelike. TPE is safe to use and feels like real human skin. Due to her steel skeleton and professional technology’s movable joints, Doll can hold a variety of positions. Your satisfaction will be ensured by the vagina’s internal structure and the realistic dimensions of each of the three holes.

FREE Evo Skeleton

Free Gel Breasts

Free Standing Feet


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