Debbie Realistic Female TPE Sex Doll

Debbie is a sex doll who has a traditional blonde Nordic appearance. a sex doll with a lovely, well-balanced body, attractive shapes, and large breasts. Debbie has a beautiful round butt, full lips, and a calm, seductive gaze. Perhaps Debbie’s body and appearance are entirely in line with your preferences. The sex dolls in our new collection, WM-Dolls, are all of the highest quality, and you won’t find any better sex dolls.

FREE Evo Skeleton
Free Gel Breasts
Free Standing Feet

Debbie is a beautiful TPE doll that looks real. With our real love dolls, you can experience an erotic fantasy.

Key Features

Made of TPE that looks and feels like real skin and has a skeleton made of stainless steel.

Openings for the mouth, vagina, and anus with texture for various penetration games

Fully poseable with functioning joints so you can enjoy nearly any position.

Breasts that are squishable and soft, and are perfect for sucking nipples.


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