Manda Realistic Life Like Sex Doll

Do you want an unforgettable experience? If you let her, WM Doll Manda will rock your world. This beautiful, fit woman with a bronze tan is simply stunning. You probably have no idea where to look if you have this woman in front of you. However, that poses no issue at all! If you select doll Manda, this brunette may soon be solely yours and become the woman of your dreams. This woman stands at 172 centimeters tall, making her a truly impressive person. She has beautiful, feminine curves despite having a very slim body. She possesses a lot in the appropriate places! Big breasts, a big, fat butt, and very thin arms, legs, and stomach in return. What else would you like? That really sounds like a man’s dream.

FREE Evo Skeleton

Free Gel Breasts

Free Standing Feet


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