The skin of the Amy sex doll is made of soft and elastic TPE, giving it a very lifelike feel. Free of charge, pick the skin tone you want.

The experience of using a built-in or removable vagina is the same, but a removable vagina is better for cleaning and maintaining your doll. The closest thing to a real vagina is the H2O Cyberskin vagina, and because of its unique material, you don’t need a lubricant to use it. a few tiny drops of water. Order a few different vaginal tights and see which one suits you best!

Free Evo Skeleton (Save $99) with Fully Articulated Hands The EVO Skeleton provides shrugging shoulders and a wider range of motion for the spine and legs. The doll looks more lifelike and can hold objects thanks to its articulated hands. The lungs that rise and fall in the chest area are simulated during simulated breathing.

Free hollow or gel breasts (a savings of $99) and human-like body painting (a savings of $149) Gel breasts are the most popular choice for breast type because they are extra squishy, extra bouncy, and extremely realistic.

For a more natural appearance, go with the permanently implanted hair option or one of our high-quality wigs. Dolls with implanted hair have straight, long hair by default, a slightly harder TPE than normal, and no oral function.

Free Premium Mouth (Save $79) Choose a standard mouth or a premium mouth with a built-in tongue to increase satisfaction.

Free Standing feet with caps for protection (Saving $99) The standing foot option allows the doll to stand on its own. The Free Cleaning Machine (Save $349) has three small bolt heads sticking out. Getting cleaned has never been easier. After each sexual encounter, the Intelligent Cleaning Kit will ensure that your doll is completely clean.

The best way to move and care for your sex doll is with the free suspension kit (save $139) and storage case. If you only use your doll at home, the Closet Bar Suspension Kit is a “must-have” accessory.

Removable Tongue (Save $54) and Free USB Vagina Heater (Save $49)


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