Rong Party Girl Sex Doll

My name is Rong and I’m 18 years old. I’m taking advantage of my freedom now that it’s my birthday. Finally, I can make my own choices. In fact, I continue to attend school. But I’ve been able to come up with my own excuses since I was 18 and enjoy occasionally skipping school. I invested such a lot of energy concentrating on that I nearly disregarded myself. I travel a lot now that I’ve discovered my passion for partying.

A tiny apartment on the outskirts of town is where I live by myself and with my mother. A few years ago, my father left us. My mother frequently works nights. She doesn’t notice, fortunately, if I go out at night to a party or to make the clubs in the city I make it unsafe. I occasionally I bring guys home with me to have fun with all night. There may be just one man, or there may be several. I enjoy being used by multiple men simultaneously.

I’m impossible to fool when it comes to sex. In this field, I already have a lot of experience. ranging from sensual gangbangs to BDSM and romantic flower sex. I once brought home a man who was excellent in bed. I kind of forgot the time that day because things were so heated with the guy and my mom came home a little early. There, my mother almost caught us. The man was quickly hidden in the closet. He left the house when she fell asleep, thankfully without her noticing. Would you like to visit me as well?

Original Starpery TPE sex doll with silicone head. It couldn’t be more realistic!

body measurements

Height: 151cm / 4ft9
Chest circumference: 71 cm
Waist circumference: 51 cm
Hips: 78 cm
Weight: 26kg
love openings:

Vagina: 17cm
Vagina diameter: 1.5 cm
Anal: 15cm
Anal diameter: 1.5 cm


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