Isla Beautiful Realistic Sex Doll

Isla is a bar DJ, and as usual, she plays the music in a full dance environment. Everyone looked at her as she began to slowly take off her clothes because she was so beautiful and sexy. She was dancing with big red lips, hair that was swaying, and a big butt.

You can move up and down, feel the joyous climax, and touch her large, soft breasts with your penis inserted into the tight vagina! You can feel the hot jizz filling up her pussy and leaking out of this beautiful sex doll with a big breast who never stops having fun. Get her home right away because she is your faithful sex partner!

Body Measurements:

Height 148cm / 4ft 10
Weight: 30kg
Weight: 66lbs
Full bust: 82cm
Under-bust: 65cm
Cup size: D cup
Waist: 39cm
Hip: 88cm
Foot length: 20cm
Leg length: 80cm
Arm length: 65cm
Shoulders: 29cm
Vagina depth: 17cm
Anus depth: 17cm
Oral depth: 13cm


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