Sex doll Annika is 171 cm tall and has brunette hair. She has a cute face that is both innocent and slutty, and she has long hair. She had two clearly visible nipples protruding from her tight white skirt. Under this tight skirt, the S-shaped curve is more prominent when paired with a white thong.

Every man wants to touch and lick Annika’s large, soft breasts, so breast sex is your best bet. She is made of TPE medical materials, which are safe and smell good. They can make the skin feel like real women. She spread her legs and lay flat on the bed, exposing her large breasts, waiting for you to join her. She also has three openings, so you can have oral, vaginal, and anal sex with her.

Because Annika is well-constructed, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or deforming. In addition to being your sexual partner, she is also a good listener. The hole will always close tightly, like a virgin, whenever you are ready. There will be no complaining about how quickly or slowly things move.


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