Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll

The most sensual woman in Who Framed Roger Rabbit is Jessica Rabbit. However, she is a cartoon, and these beings rarely mate with humans. But good news for you! To mate with you, Jessica Rabbit has entered our world. Your most erotic fantasies have already come true! Let a cartoon mix sexually with you and enjoy Jessica’s breasts and curvy hips. Now Jessica can be with you forever!

Toontown was saved when Jessica and her friends were able to stop the evil plan. The bravery of the cartoon characters, who risked their lives to save their home, was applauded and celebrated by the city’s residents. Jessica Rabbit was a hero to all thanks to her ferocious spirit and long red hair.


Height 150cm / 4ft11
Weight 31kgs
Neck 24cm
Shoulder 30.5cm
Bust 89.7cm
Under bust 53cm
Cup K
Waist 45cm
Hips 84cm
Thigh length 39.6cm
Thigh circumference 47.8cm
Low leg length 36cm
Calf circumference 29.1cm
Upperarm length 23.1cm
upper arm girth 20.5cm
Forearm length 22.6cm
forearm girth 19cm
Feet 18.8cm
Vagina 18cm
Anus 16cm
Oral 14cm
Packed weight 36kgs
Dimensions 154x38x26cm

A high-quality doll made by Piper Dolls is made from a premium Platinum TPE blend that was designed by the renowned Mizuwali.


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