Ashly Cute Skinny Blonde Sex Doll

“Stop immediately! You, yes! I’m a member of Snow Patrol. Ashly is my name. An incident has occurred. No time to elaborate. My damp clothing forced me to throw them away. My body will go into hypothermia in less than a minute. Unless you assist me, I will not survive. You are the only one present, yes. I have to be fucked right now. I mean that. Start pounding me in every hole as soon as you undo your pants.

Be at ease! I’ve been masturbating all the way here, so I’m already wet. Push your cock into my wet cunt here. Put some pressure on your cock. Now move on to my groin. Continually rub my thighs as well. It is essential to my life. Lay down when you are prepared. I need to get out and ride. I will not be kind. We need to leave as soon as my body has sufficiently warmed up. We will not cease to fuck. As we snowboard back to your cabin, you’ll have to keep rubbing and fucking me. In that hot shower, you must pound me extremely hard.”

Here are the most lifelike sex dolls. Choose a beautiful love doll to be your bride and partner. Their supple, silky bodies are made for love. Because they are made to be used in the process of making love, you can position a sex doll in any position you like. Enjoy how their long, sensual hair covers her smooth, naked breasts. She is so captivating and pliable to the touch.

Her entire body can bend like an acrobat thanks to a metal skeleton that can be moved around. Ashly is more like a flexible sex goddess than a flexible girl. She can split your manhood in half and never stop. The resemblance between a real human woman and a real doll is shocking. Real dolls are so lifelike. Except that this Asian sex doll is entirely focused on you—pleasing you and meeting all of your requirements.

Ashly will have squeezable hips, beautiful breasts, nipples, and kissable lips because this is a sex doll for adults. with three spots for sex: Lovemaking via oral, anal, and vaginal means is all possible. Full-sized, most lifelike sex dolls are here to slay you all night. You can live a fulfilling sex life at any time of day by purchasing a sex doll. Have you just had a strong erection this morning? You can hop on that morning wood with your brand-new silicone or TPE doll. Is it boring to shower by yourself? It isn’t the case with your sexy sex doll. Nowadays, regular sex is anal or shower sex. You can take your time with it.

She is easy to clean because her head is removable. Personal hygiene has never been more exciting, whether with body oil and wet wipes or in the shower. Additionally, if you become dissatisfied with her head, simply replace it. The wig and the sexy sex doll’s head can be changed. The eyes can be different colors. Additionally, whenever you’re in the mood, she can model sexy heels or lingerie for you. She is always upbeat due to her.

Ashly is healthy and a virgin. Because you won’t have to worry about STDs or yeast infections, you can kiss her without condoms. Additionally, since she will never become pregnant, it is always possible to ejaculate within her super-tight pussy. She is your sexy lover, friend, and true companion who will never stop supporting you.

Brand WM Doll
Weight 64.81 lbs / 29.4 kg
Height 5.15 ft / 157 cm
Bra Size B cup
Bust Size 25.6 in / 65 cm
Waist 18.7 in / 47.5 cm
Hips 30.1 in / 76.5 cm
Under-bust 20.9 in / 53 cm
Foot Length 8.5 in / 21.5 cm
Leg Length 28.3 in / 72 cm
Arm Length 19.7 in / 50 cm
Shoulder Width 13 in / 33 cm
Vaginal Depth 7.1 in / 18 cm
Oral Depth 4.7 in / 12 cm
Anal Depth 5.9 in / 15 cm
Material TPE and Metal Skeleton



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