Tori is the sexiest love doll you’ll ever see. Meet her. You’ll wish she were here right now with you because of her svelte frame, large breasts, and flawless spankable abs.

Tori is eager to go on some wild adventures with you and loves to please with her sexy body. With her, you’ll be able to try all the positions and kinks you want and live your wildest dreams.

We hope you enjoy being with this gorgeous sex doll!

With the custom options you can completely customize this love doll.

Height: 5ft 4 inch
Full Bust: 38 inch
Waist: 67cm 26 inch
Hips: 110cm 43 inch
Weight: 107 lbs

Tori is a super curvy and busty TPE love doll that measures 163 cm. She is a WM doll.

The most well-liked realistic sex doll brand is WM Dolls. The bodies of WM Lifelike Sex Dolls are renowned for their incredible detail, from head to toe. You’ll have a sexual encounter like you’ve never had before with the Tori super curvy TPE sex doll.


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