Zuri Young Cheap Sex Doll

The majority of this sexy doll is made of TPE. For modern men, it is the most opulent aspect of their sexual experience. To make your pleasure more real, it has a vaginal opening that is very similar to reality. You can have sex with a real woman with this 140cm sex doll. It feels soft and comfortable on the skin thanks to its realistic TPE skin.

You can enjoy oral, vaginal, and anal penetration with Zuri’s three orifices. TPE is a material that, among other things, is odorless, easy to clean, and maintain. Give yourself a real experience of masturbation with a doll that is more adept at producing an orgasm.

Doll Measurements:

Height: 148cm / 4’6 ft
Weight: 26kg
Billing weight: 32kg
Bust: 73cm
Waist: 50cm
Hip: 77cm
Shoulder width: 30cm
Foot length: 15cm
Thigh circumference: 40cm
Calf circumference: 25cm
Neckline: 27cm
Oral depth: 13cm
Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 17cm
Package dimensions: 137*42*29cm


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