Her slim figure is accentuated by her great ass and sexy curves. She stands at 5ft2 and is perfect for those who want a cute yet sexual teenager.

This SE Doll loves doing it doggystyle and loves baseball! She’s a baseball player who is ready to make it all the way to the majors with you. Her cute face and perfect body make her the perfect companion for those who want a young and sexy sex doll.

She’s not just a pretty face though, this brunette teen is also highly intelligent and loves to learn new things. She’s open to exploring different sexual positions and fantasies, and is always ready to please.

The Winola Brunette Baseball Teen Sex Doll is the perfect companion for those who want a young, sexy, and intelligent sex doll. With her slim figure, big tits, and firm abs, she’s sure to make your fantasies come true. She’s also a great listener and loves to learn new things. So don’t hesitate, get her today and make your dreams come true!

Brand: SE Doll
Height: 157cm | 5ft2
Bra size: 28H
Bust: 88cm | 34.65 in
Waist: 56cm | 22 in
Hips: 97cm | 38.18 in
Weight: 35kg | 77.2 lbs
Foot Length: 21cm | 8.2 in
Mouth depth: 15cm | 5.9 in
Vagina depth: 17cm | 6.6 in
Anal depth: 17cm | 6.6 in
Package Size: 153*40*32cm


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