William Hybrid Male Sex Doll

Willliam is a rough soldier with a chestful of hair.
He does barbell bench press exercises every day to get a super-defined chest that not only makes him look great in white tank tops or muscle shirts, but also makes him look smokin’ hot when he goes shirtless to the pool. Under the white tank tops, you can see his flat, rock-hard six-pack, and you can start to feel the curve of his sweet belly.

William will take you on an adventurous adventure. His attractive, manly structure and hot constitution will fuel your most out of control dreams. Engage in daring acts of passion with him while dancing, or work together to overcome obstacles. Face challenges and live uninhibitedly with this dynamic guy.

Brand: Irontech
Model: 175cm Male Doll
Head: M2
Height: 175cm
Chest: 90cm
Waistline: 76cm
Hip line: 99cm
Thigh line: 54cm
Calf line: 46cm
Feet size: 25cm
Shoulder width: 43cm
Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
Penis: (Big) 27cm x 5.8cm
Penis: (Normal) 18cm x 4.3cm
Anus Depth: 17cm
Material: TPE Body, Silicone Head


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