Warrior Charles Male Sex Doll

When warrior Charles ascends to the position of king of the Greats, he discovers that a dragon is terrorizing his kingdom. Some of the dragon’s riches had been taken from his burial mound hoard. He goes after the mythical beast with the assistance of his workers, yet they don’t succeed. Warrior Charles decides to go with the dragon to Earnaness, where it lives.

When he got to the dragon’s den, he found him stroking his enormous cock while sitting by a pond. Grendel agrees to Charles’ help because he is overcome with lust. He takes Grendel’s enormous cock in both hands and starts stroking and sucking the head up and down. Initially picks up speed gradually but steadily. Warrior Charles takes out his sword and begins to slay Grendel as he closes his eyes and sighs in delight. A battle follows and Beowulf arises successful. Sadly, Charles the warrior suffers fatal wounds during the struggle. He is cremated, and a seaside burial mound is built in his honor.

After Fighter Charles passes on, Greek craftsmans take off his apparel to analyze his body. From his 10-inch cock to the size of his scrotum and the soles of his feet, they make this exact replica of his entire body.

Enjoy one of the greatest Greek mythological characters to ever exist at this opportunity.

Doll Measurements:

Height:5 ft 3 in / 162 cm
Weight:84 lbs / 38 kg
Bust:36 in / 90.5 cm
Waist : 28 in / 72 cm
Hip : 37 in / 95 cm
Arm length : 71cm
Shoulder width : 43cm
Calf circum : 35cm
Thigh circum : 55cm
Leg length: 88cm
Foot length: 25cm
Carton : 153×43.5x33cm
Material: TPE


Numerous options for the penis, including erect and flaccid. One penis is incorporated, and extra ones are accessible in the customization choices.

For unforgettable, better-than-real sensations, the oral and anal canals are ribbed and extremely tight. Men can only use the holes for sexual purposes.

Sturdy tempered steel skeleton with portable joints – put the doll in different wild postures!

Soft, ultra-realistic skin that feels good to touch, kiss, and cuddle on.

Intended for gender neutral use: whether you are a man or a woman, it will please you.



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