The doll is 5ft1 tall and has an E-cup bust size, making it a perfect replica from Game Lady. She has a slim build and features blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair, just like the protagonist of the show. The doll also has a cute face and big boobs, making it a great choice for those looking for a sex doll with a bit of extra character.

If you’re a fan of Violet Evergarden, this sex doll is a must-have. It’s a great way to bring the character to life and make your cosplay dreams come true. The doll is highly detailed and features all the features that make the character so beloved. Plus, it’s sure to make a great addition to any fan’s collection. So, if you’re looking for a sex doll with a bit of extra character, the Violet Evergarden sex doll is the perfect choice.

Material: Medical-grade Silicone
Height: 156cm / 5ft1
Breast Cup: E
Upper Bust: 76.5cm / 30.1 in.
Under Bust: 56cm / 22 in.
Waist: 50cm / 19.7 in.
Hips: 87.5cm / 34.4 in.
Neck: 29cm / 11.4 in.
Shoulder Width: 34.5cm / 13.6 in.
Arm Length: 64cm / 25.2 in.
Hand Length: 16cm / 6.30 in.
Leg Length: 82cm / 32.3 in.
Foot Length: 21cm / 8.3 in.
Vagina Depth: 16 cm / 6.3 in.
Anal Depth: 14 cm / 5.5 in.
Oral Depth: No Oral Hole
Net Height: 140cm / 4 ft 8 in.
Net Weight: 30kg / 66.1 lbs. (including head)


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