Victoria Young Teen Sex Doll

In the “school girl” category, Victoria is as hot as any sex doll can get. She makes men’s fantasies about Britney Spears spiral out of control because she wears provocative, naughty clothes that show more than just her pretty, young body. She is interested in: New Shoes, Travel, Lingerie, and Dining Out. Victoria has a remarkable preference for mature men for such a young girl. She admits, “Playing daddy’s little girl fantasies is my favorite thing.” I enjoy having a caring, respectful man take care of me and teaching me how to be a good, obeying girl. Additionally, how to freely give and receive intense sexual pleasure. After all, sex is beautiful, and when I become a woman, I want to be great at both oral and anal sexual intercourse. This means that I need to practice a lot right now!

Doll Measurements:

Height:155cm / 5ft1
Breast line: 74cm
Underbreastline: 63cm
Waistline: 57cm
Hip line: 82cm
Shoulder width: 33cm
Thighline: 44cm
Calfline: 30cm
Arm Length: 54cm
Leg Length: 81cm
Feet Size: 20cm
Weight: 30kg
Oral: 12cm
Vagina: 18cm
Package Size: 147 x 38 x 30cm


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