Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy Sex Doll

Tifa Lockhart from Square’s role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII served as the model for Game Lady’s Tifa sex doll.

Seventh Heaven, a bar in District 7’s slums, is run by Tifa Lockhart. As an understudy of Zangan-style combative techniques, she can overcome her rivals with her quick battling abilities. Most Final Fantasy VII players regard Tifa Lockhart as a goddess because of her vivacity and bravery.

Tifa, on the other hand, is just a silicone figure. She is nothing more than a display of sex dolls dressed up as well-known characters in cosplay costumes, not actual game or franchise merchandise.

Do you like Tifa’s figure as a sex doll? She is wild and sexy, sporting a special shirt. Game Lady’s sex doll can provide you with the glamour goddess in an action video.

Brand Name: Game Lady Silicone Dolls
Material: Platinum Silicone
Height: 167cm / 5ft6
Height (Without Head): 147.5cm
Neck: 30.5cm
Shoulder Width: 37cm
Arm Length: 63cm
Leg Length: 83.5cm
Bust: 82cm
Under Bust: 63.5cm
Waist: 58.5cm
Hips: 100cm
Hand Length: 16cm
Feet: 21cm
Vagina Depth: 17.5cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Sex Tunnels: Vagina & Anus (No oral function)
Weight: 35.5kgs
Packed Weight: 39kgs

Game Lady is known for making beautiful, lifelike dolls that are based on characters from fantasy video games! For each model, they use high-quality silicone and a sturdy alloy metal skeleton.


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