Saya Skinny Asian Sex Doll

Tonight, I want to stay at home. I have had enough of dressing up, exploring the city, dancing, and eating dinner. All I want to do is unwind and let my body breathe. I’ll choose the guy who makes me feel the most at ease first. Massage my body and run your hands up and down my body; it makes me so happy. I’m sure you like it too—a naked, helpless beauty like me in your power. Squeeze and play with my chest as much as you want by diving in. Smack my tight ass when you turn me around. I love what you do and want more, as evidenced by my smile. I’ll make you cum if you come closer now!

Key Features

TPE Sex Doll with small boobs
Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
Skin Color:Tan

Doll Measurements

Height:166cm / 5ft6
Shoulder Width:40cm
Arm Length:59cm
Leg Length:77cm
Thigh Line:52cm
Calf Line:33cm
Feet Size:23cm


Upper Bust:85cm
Lower Bust:66cm


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