Saya Huge Breasts Sex Doll

If you’re looking for a hot girl, Saya can be all yours!

The What’s Right For You doll is right in front of you, so you can put your search to rest! My name is Saya, and you’ll see how much you enjoy having sex with me.

Am I being too direct and confident? Well, perhaps because I’m what certain things feel like. Furthermore, I enjoy it when people are honest and open with me. You won’t have to repeatedly ask for a new adventure.

Indeed, I have no other expectations!

Do you get excited when you watch me do the dishes? I’ll do it whatever you want, because I love it when you smack me on the as with a passionate kiss and cradle me against the sink. My sex is unstoppable, I know that. But I can’t wait to feel like touching you because even my chest won’t let you down.

We can lie on a very soft white carpet or sit on the kitchen counter to make love. You’ll see that you’d like to experiment with a sexy doll like me and change a little. However, doing the same things over and over again is boring.

Take me home with you if you agree, and we can begin living our dream together!

Would you like to know more about me?

The doll’s extremely soft and lifelike gel breasts are what set it apart.

This Real Doll is a pretty little doll. Because it has a metal frame, you can position the doll however you like and have fun playing with the openings.

But after the fun is over, put the doll back into its natural position to protect the metal frame. Take our water-based lubricant with you for the ultimate pleasure.

Additionally, you should only position the doll in positions that you would dare to perform yourself if you want to remain safe. As a result, the frame ought to have a long lifespan.

We recommend a standard desk chair with wheels if you want to move the doll. Just put the doll on it and roll it to where you want it.

The doll should be cleaned using a special cleaner that doesn’t harm the material. Additionally, a PH-neutral soap is ideal for cleaning.

Because the doll weighs 34 kilograms, you can also bravely immerse it in the tub. Alternately, you can clean them in the shower.
The real doll can then be rubbed with baby powder, which not only feels better but also helps the material.


High-quality TPE With Metal Skeleton Inside.

Doll Measurements:

Height: 5ft1 (154cm)

Chest size: 33.5” (85cm)

Chest Below Bust: 22″ (57cm)

Waist size: 20” (52cm)

Hips: 34” (86cm)

Weight: 71 lbs (32,5kg)


Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is available

Hole Depth:

Vaginal depth: 7.5″ / 19cm

Anal depth: 6.7″ / 17cm

Oral depth: 5″ / 13cm


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