Saya Curvy Ebony Sex Doll

After a long day, this wild animal loves to hang out in nightclubs. She loves to have fun and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. Saya is not your typical ebony girl; she will try to provide you with a sexual experience that you will remember for a long time.

Saya is always trying new things and will switch positions during your games. She will go out of her way to have you with her every night and is open for sex at almost any time. Her sexual ability and capacity to shake her rump without tiring make her the conspicuous number one.

Material : TPE

Neck : 28 cm

Height : 158 cm / 5ft2

Weight : 55 kg

Shoulder : 45 cm

Bust : 105 cm

Under Bust : 70 cm

Waist : 66 cm

Hip : 127 cm

Feet: 20 cm

Thig Girth : 65 cm

Calf Circumference : 36 cm

Leg Lenght: 85 cm

Arm Lenght : 70 cm

Depth of Oral : 13 cm

Depth of Anal : 16 cm

Depth of Vagina : 18 cm


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