Quiet Metal Gear Game Lady Sex Doll

Metal Gear Solid V Quiet: One of the game’s most beloved protagonists is The Phantom Pain. She did not choose to be the deadly murderer who hides a hurt that only your love can alleviate. She will, in return, be your trustworthy companion and open up her heart to you.

Keep in mind that Quiet from MGSV doesn’t speak your language, but she will listen to you, so you can tell her everything you want to hear and love to hear. Additionally, keep in mind that she can only breathe through her skin because of her parasite-dependent condition, which prevents her from wearing much clothing.

Doll Measurements:

Brand Name: Game Lady Silicone Dolls
Material: Platinum Silicone
Height: 168cm / 5ft7
Height (Without Head): 146cm
Neck: 32cm
Shoulder Width: 40.5cm
Arm Length: 66.5cm
Leg Length: 76cm
Bust: 82.5cm
Under Bust: 63.5cm
Waist: 62cm
Hips: 95.5cm
Hand Length: 18.5cm
Feet: 23.5cm
Vagina Depth: 17.5cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Sex Tunnels: Vagina & Anus (No oral function)
Weight: 39.7kgs
Packed Weight: 42.5kgs



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