Primrose Bikini Young Woman Sex Doll

Primrose is a tranquil young woman who is in touch with both her own self and the natural world. She absolutely adores early rises and wild swimming. You ask, what is that? Well it’s where you swim in regular waterways, similar to the ocean or streams. Her mysterious energy however, is to climb in the wild fully intent on discovering some detached cascade and lake. She then removes her Bikini with glee and swims as nature intended. You might see her one day beneath one of these waterfalls, and then you and she might meet for the sacred meeting of two souls.

Doll measures:
Height: 164cm / 5ft5
Full bust: 80cm / 31 inch
Under bust: 62cm / 24.4 inch
Bra Size: 36G (UK)
Waist: 58cm / 22.8 inch
Hip: 86cm / 33.9 inch
Thigh Circumference: 52cm / 20.5 inch
Calf Circumference: 32cm / 12.6 inch
Leg Length: 102cm / 40.2 inch
Arm: 66cm / 26 inch
Shoulder: 34cm / 13.4 inch
Foot Length: 21cm / 8.3 inch
Weight: 37kg / 81lbs
Package: 160x43x28cm


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