Nicholas Male Sex Doll

Nicholas has the strongest muscles and the most flexible body. Nicholas has a very strong body. His body looks like the body of a Greek god. His body-to-height ratio is the best, and you can see that he appears to have carefully sculpted every part of his body. He is basically the best individual to you. Despite his short stature, he will ignite your passion and desire. Choose him if you want a sexy male sex doll!

Nicholas is a tall, dark, and attractive man. Anyone looking for a true heartthrob should have this muscular beauty. Nicholas never fails to deliver.

Doll Measurements:
Height:162cm | 5.31ft
Weight:45kg | 99.2lbs
Upper chest:90.5cm | 35.6in
Waist:72cm | 28.3in
Hips:95cm | 37.4in
[Two orifices for use and two penises]
Mouth depth:12cm | 4.7in
Anus depth:18cm | 7.1in
Penis length: 15cm,25cm | 5.9in,9.8in


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