Nancy Slim Blonde Sex Doll

Since she was a young girl, Nancy trained as a ballet dancer. With her feminine curves and graceful movement, it’s hard not to notice her. If you don’t appreciate the arts, I might be able to teach you about them because I enjoy classical music and dancing. We could go to an opera and I would put on a sexy evening gown for you. When we got home, I would cook you a candlelit dinner and we could have sex while drinking wine. I’m the one for you if you want a classy girl who needs a daddy.”

Doll measurements:

Height: 157cm / 5ft1

Weight: 28.6kg

Bra size: B Cup

Full bust: 68.5cm

Underbust: 60cm
Waist: 56.5cm

Hip: 83cm

Foot length: 21.5cm
Thigh girth: 48cm

Calf girth: 31cm
Ankle girth: 20cm

Wrist girth: 13cm
Upper arm girth: 22cm

Leg length: 83cm
Arm length: 60cm

Shoulder breadth: 33cm
Vagina depth girth: 18cm

Anus depth: 15cm
Oral depth:12cm


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