Miki California Sex Doll

I’m not impressed by anything more than a big brain! It is very exciting when someone is able to comprehend all of the chaos in the universe, which is so vast and intricate. I need someone who is familiar with physics; Only they will truly comprehend how my supple and seductive body sways and moves. He will be amazed at the technology behind my tough inner skeleton, which he can move and position as he pleases. I am aware that he will investigate the fascinating interior world of my sweaty, hot body whenever he rides me.

Doll Measurements

Height:153cm | 5 ft 0.2 in
Cup Size: F
Full Bust: 79cm | 31.1 in
Under Bust: 58cm | 22.8 in
Waist: 51cm | 20 in
Hips: 96cm | 37.7 in
Weight: 37kg | 81.5 lbs.
Shoulder: 34cm | 13.3 in
Foot length: 21cm | 8.2 in
Package: 144*38*26cm


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