Mika Mature Banker Sex Doll

Hello, my name is Mika, and I’m 25. I recently completed an internship and am a banker. I put in a lot of effort every day to learn a variety of professional skills in order to quickly become a full-time employee. I really enjoy my job. I want to one day be a well-known industry leader!

I really want to give this dream my all! Obviously, I put in a lot of effort in my studies, but effort alone is not enough to make much of a difference. I really don’t like my boss. He always wants to bully me. My sexual technique is superior with my realistic sex dolls body, I had to climax in front of my boss with a flexible tongue. I also place a high value on getting good grades! Obviously, sex is important to me. Fortunately, the guys in the company likes me a lot. I’ve had sex with numerous senior managers and coworkers at the same level here.

However, I believe it is time to establish a genuine relationship. A different department head liked me a lot and helped me. In exchange, I became his personal assistant and did interesting things every day in the office. Because of this, I’d do anything, and I mean everything, because there has to be one sex doll giving sexual favors! I believe I will eventually be department head at the bank. I enjoy riding horses, not just horses, if you know what I mean. I also enjoy working. It’s so nice to walk around naked in nature and feel the summer breeze on my skin on a warm summer day.

Doll Measurements:

– Height: 159cm / 5ft2
– Breastline: 85cm
– Under breastline: 66cm
– Waistline: 65cm
– Cup size: /
– Hip line: 100cm
– Arm length: 66cm
– Shoulder width: 36.5cm
– Calf line: 33cm
– Thigh line: 51.5cm
– Leg Length: 85.5cm
– Feet Size: 22cm


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