Made from TPE, this sex doll is incredibly realistic and sexual. She is a dominate in the bedroom, but also loves to please her partner. Her great ass is an added bonus. She is also very muscular, with defined muscles all over her body.

The Maya Blonde Muscular Sex Doll from WM Doll is the perfect companion for any man looking for a sexy, muscular, and dominating woman in his life. Her huge boobs, great legs, and tan skin make her one of the most realistic sex dolls on the market. She is sure to make any man’s fantasies come true.

Doll Measurements

Brand: WM Doll
Head: 366
Height: 167cm – head included
Body: 167cm H cup Fitness Model
Weight: 42kg ( 92.6lbs ) – head included
Full Bust: 93cm
Under Bust: 68cm
Waist: 60cm
Hip: 88cm
Leg Length: 80cm
Arm Length: 57cm
Shoulder Breadth: 40cm
Mouth to Vagina: 69cm
Vagina Depth: 17cm ( 6.7″ )
Anal Depth: 17cm ( 6.7″ )
Oral Depth: 13cm ( 5.1″ )
Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6″ )
Anal Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6″ )
Material: TPE


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