The doll is designed to be as lifelike as possible and is sure to please fans of the celebrity. It even comes with a retro-style dress, so you can dress her up in the same style as Marilyn Monroe.

RIDMII has gone to great lengths to make sure that the Lena Plus Marilyn Monroe sex doll looks and feels as close to the real thing as possible. The doll is made from high-quality materials and has a realistic skin texture. It also has a metal skeleton that allows you to position it in a variety of poses.

If you’re looking for a piece of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, then the Lena Plus Marilyn Monroe sex doll from RIDMII is a great choice. It’s a beautiful and lifelike doll that will bring a touch of classic Hollywood glamour to your home. Plus, it’s sure to be a conversation starter among your friends.

Product Information:

Height: 158cm / 5ft2
Weight: 2kg
Billing weight: 42kg
Bust: 87cm
The waist: 50cm
Underbust: 62cm
Shoulder width: 32cm
Arm length: 50cm
Hand length: 16cm
Leg length: 83cm
Foot length: 19cm
Arm circumference: 23cm
Thigh circumference: 43cm
Calf circumference: 27cm
Neckline: 26cm
Oral depth: 13cm
Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 17cm
Package dimensions: 145*42*34cm


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