Mallika Fairy Elf Sex Doll

I’m Mallika, a fairy elf sex doll. My height is 166 cm, or 65,4 inches. My weight is 35 kg, or 77,2 lbs. I am a member of the SE DOLL’s love doll group. My surface is made of TPE, which feels good to the touch and is very soft. Only you can have my firm tits, passionate lap, and sexy ass.

I like romance and cuddling up in a blanket, but I really like trying new things with sex the most. I hope you enjoy my sexual images. I enjoy being the center of attention, showing off, and taking pictures. I’m a girl who never takes away from the fun. I’m not a light-skinned girl. I really don’t cater to everyone. I long to find my chosen master, to whom I will give my all. Will you turn into him? That would please me. I would demonstrate my oral sex prowess to you. However, making love from behind is my favorite. I get excited just thinking about how you’re torturing my ass. My body craves your touch. The TPE material from which I am made makes my skin extremely soft. You’ll notice that I look and feel almost exactly like a real woman. When we try various sexual positions together, you will appreciate my body’s flexibility and suppleness.

Brand: SE Doll
Height: 166cm / 5ft5
Weight: 34.5kg / 76lbs
Head: 22
Bra Size: 30 C cup
Full Bust: 72.5cm
Underbust: 59.5cm
Waist: 50.5cm
Hips: 79cm
Mouth Depth: 15cm / 5.9 in
Vagina Depth: 17cm / 6.6 in
Anal Depth: 17cm / 6.6 in
Foot length: 21cm / 8.2 in
Packaging Size: 156 x 40 x 30cm


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