Lola Exotic Biracial Sex Doll

Meet Lola, a smoldering boss lady who never says no!

She is is a little difficult to please. She treats every day at work as a game, using her stunning eyes and stunning curves to gauge how focused her employees are on their work. Lola’s office is always watched by wandering eyes so she can choose the best punishment.

Naturally, she makes it with intention. She gets all the love she deserves for her sexy outfits and hot looks, and as a bonus, she gets to punish some bad boys and girls.

Would you dare to focus on her? In the hope that she will catch you in the act, sneaking a small glance, imagining what might be hidden beneath those revealing clothes? Or would you make it clear in the hope that the punishment would be harsher?

We hope you enjoy being with this stunning exotic biracial sex doll in either scenario!

Height: 164cm / 5’ft 4″
Head: Lola
Breast Line: 81cm
Underbreastline: 60cm
Waistline: 59cm
Hipline: 103cm
Arm Length: 67cm
Shoulder Width: 35cm
Leg Length: 75cm
Feet Length: 22cm
Weight: 43kg
Material: TPE
Vagina depth: 18cm
Anus depth: 16cm
Oral depth: 13cm


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