Lockne Death Stranding Game Lady Sex Doll

Death Stranding Lockne served as a source of inspiration for Game Lady’s Lockne sex doll.

Lockne is a skilled technician and former Bridges member in the action game Death Standing, where she oversees Mountain Knot City. She is Mama’s twin sister and one of the Chiral Network’s founders.

Lockne sex doll is a silicone figure. She is nothing more than a display of sex dolls dressed up as well-known characters in cosplay costumes, not actual game or franchise merchandise.

Do you like this intelligent, silent, and arrogant girl? With Lockne’s silicone doll and her twin sister, mama’s silicone doll, you might be able to accomplish a lot of amazing things.

Doll Measurements:

Body Type: 168cm/5ft6 E-cup
Upper Bust: 82.5cm / 32.48 in.
Under Bust: 63.5cm / 25 in.
Waist: 62cm / 24.4 in.
Hips: 95.5cm / 37.6 in.
Neck: 32cm / 12.6 in.
Shoulder Width: 40.5cm / 15.94 in.
Arm Length: 66.5cm / 26.18 in.
Hand Length: 18.5cm / 7.28 in.
Leg Length: 76cm / 29.92 in.
Foot Length: 23.5cm / 9.25 in.
Vaginal Depth: 16 cm / 6.3 in.
Anal Depth: 15 cm / 5.9 in.
Oral Depth: No Oral Hole
Net Height: 146cm / 4 ft 9 in.
Net Weight: 39.7kg / 87.52 lbs. (including head)

Vaginal and Anal sex is available.


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