Lena Beautiful Blonde Retro Sex Doll

A smart girl Lena knows that she has no limits, while a wise girl knows that she does. Beauty is imperfection, madness is genius, and it’s better to be ridiculous than boring. As long as I can be a woman in a man’s world, I don’t mind living there. Most importantly, continue to smile. because there is so much to be happy about in life and it is beautiful. A girl can conquer the world if she has the right shoes. Intuition, or instinct, tells a woman what’s best for her. Some of you may mistake Lena for a Marilyn Monroe lookalike sex doll.

1. The Lena life-size sex doll has a soft TPE body and a pretty silicone head that will look like a real woman.
2. The best sex doll has a lot of elasticity and is flexible enough that you can put it in different positions.
3. During sex, Lena moves her buttocks and boobs around more naturally.


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