Lauren Slim Redhead Sex Doll

Anything more than a handful is a waste. Lauren’s B-cup breasts could sway my opinion, even though I don’t subscribe to that school of thought! Lauren is a slim and graceful fantasy style model who has been brought to our attention. She is 5’8″ (172 cm) tall and weighs 83.3 lbs (38 kg). Lauren is a WM Doll fantasy style model who is slim and graceful. Her graceful body works well with fantasy, contemporary, and cosplay outfits. Lauren is a great doll to add to your collection if you want a style that is more realistic.

Key Features

B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
5 feet 8 inches tall (172cm)
Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
Steel Skeleton with movable joints
Doll Measurements
Height: 5ft 8 inch | 172cm
Weight: 83.3 lbs. | 38 kg
Material: Solid TPE


Bust: 32.9 inch | 79 cm
Waist: 22.8 in | 58 cm
Hips: 32.8 in / 86 cm

Orifice Depths

Vagina Depth: 7 inches | 18cm
Anal Depth: 6 inches| 17cm s
Oral Depth: 4.7 inches| 12cm
Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm


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