Kylie is a college student with a beautiful face, long brown hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes. Her body is slim and toned, featuring firm abs, huge tits (F-Cup), and a perfect ass. At 5ft3, she is the perfect size for cuddling and more!

Kylie is a great choice for anyone looking for a sexual experience that is as realistic as possible. Her body is incredibly detailed, with realistic skin and features that make her look and feel like the real thing. She is also incredibly flexible, allowing you to position her however you like.

Kylie is sure to please, with her sexy body and pretty face. She is the perfect companion for anyone looking for a realistic and sexual experience. Whether you are looking for a cuddle buddy or a wild night of passion, Kylie is sure to satisfy.

So if you’re looking for a realistic and sexual experience, look no further than the Kylie Brunette Bronze Tan Sex Doll. With her beautiful face, huge tits, and perfect ass, she is sure to please!


  • Head number: #398
  • Body name: WM 162cm F Cup
  • Height: 162cm (5’4)
  • Weight: 34 kg / 75 lbs
  • Bust: 82 cm / 32″
  • Waist: 53.5 cm / 21″
  • Hips: 88 cm / 34.6″
  • Vagina depth: 18 cm / 7.1″
  • Anus depth: 15 cm / 5.9″
  • Mouth depth: 12 cm / 4.7″


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