Kiko Alita Manga Japanese Sex Doll

The realistic Kiko sex doll is a true Japanese warrior, despite her childlike eyes. She was an orphan, so she learned to defend herself at a young age to face life’s challenges. She has made it her goal to get people who have lost everything justice.

The naive Japanese girl with long hair has grown into a beautiful young woman with puffy breasts and a mouthwatering ass over time.

The manga-inspired sex doll has acquired the ability to transform her strengths into weapons over time.

The realistic hot body and puffy breasts of the Kiko sex doll are concealed behind the heavy armor, which she does not hesitate to reveal in order to seduce her adversaries and turn them into sexual slaves. Kiko, the dangerous sex doll, is known to particularly enjoy BDSM practices. She always has pieces of string ready to delightly torture anyone who enters her nets.

Offer to be at her disposal to satisfy this ruthless and insatiable sex doll; you might be surprised to see her soften. Keep in mind that she values both sweetness and aggression at the same time.

Kiko dances when she isn’t saving the world. In addition, she enjoys listening to pop music.

Name: Kiko
Eye: Brown
Foot Type: Standing
Nails: Pink
Material: TPE Head & TPE Body
Skin Color: Light Tan
Height: 156cm | 5ft1
Bust: 75cm | 29.5 in
Bra Size: E-cup
Waist: 50cm | 19.7 in
Hips: 75cm | 29.5 in
Mouth Depth: 15cm | 5.9 in
Vagina Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in
Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in
Foot Length: 21cm | 8.3 in
Weight: 27.8kg | 61.2 lbs
Package Size: 153*40*29 cm


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