Kevin Hybrid Male Sex Doll

You can use the Kevin male sex doll in any position you can imagine thanks to its flexible and fully articulated skeleton. All of the body’s joints are constructed using cutting-edge technology, allowing for a wide range of sexual positions.

Anal sex is the only option. an anal opening that accurately replicates the anatomy of a real anus with a texture that is uneven and ribbed.

Strong male muscles, toned buttocks, and broad shoulders He appears to be the ideal man.

This exceptional doll is her head made of silicone. Observe that this head does not have an oral function.

high-quality male love doll made by artisans with extremely realistic features. This adoration doll is produced using progressed materials and has an interestingly mind boggling skeleton that takes into consideration a large number of movement and many positions.

Height: 5 ft 3 in. / 162 cm.

Weight: 84 lbs. / 38 kg.

Breasts: 35.6 in. / 90.5 cm.

Waist: 28.3 in. / 72 cm.

Hips: 37.4 in. / 95 cm.

Arm Length: 28 in. / 71 cm.

Shoulder Width: 16.9 in. / 43 cm.

Calf Circumference: 13.8 in. / 35 cm.

Thigh Circumference: 21.7 in. / 55 cm.

Leg Length: 34.6 in. / 88 cm.

Foot Length: 9.8 in. / 25 cm.

Anal Depth: 6.7 in. / 17 cm.

Oral Depth: No Oral Hole.

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