Kaylen Curvy Big Booty Sex Doll

She is not as young or but is more curvy as the majority of sex dolls on the market. She stands out because of her thick thighs and big firm ass, making her truly unique!

According to her, “I’m an accomplished woman who has lived a full life, and my body is mature and exciting for guys who prefer slightly older women, moms, over stupid, young, funny girls.” My sexual preferences are refined, developed, and sensual in a way that no young girl can match, like aged wine.

Doll Measurements

Height: 163 cm | 5ft 3inch
Full Bust: 96 cm | 37.79 inch
Under Bust: 69 cm | 27.16 inch
Waist: 67.5 cm | 26.57 inch
Hips: 113 cm | 44.48 inch
Foot Length:21 cm | 8.26 inch
Shoulder Breadth: 42 cm | 16.53 inch
Weight: 50.5 kg | 111.3 lbs.
Vagina Depth:18 cm | 7.08 inch
Anus Depth:15 cm | 5.9 inch
Oral Depth:12 cm | 4.7 inch



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