Jane Valentine Big Labia Sex Doll

Despite the fact that I was brought up in a very conservative family, I still feel ashamed to engage in wild sex, even though this is something I would like to experience. Please assist me with this. I want a man who doesn’t hold these prejudices against women and can love and care for them.

I would love to perform all of your preferred sex roles. Standing, sixty-nine, and more are all options. I want to have sex in a variety of settings, not just in the bedroom. Do you like this idea? My house has a lovely garden.

I’ll tell you a secret so you can complete my profile. I’m looking forward to being with a woman for the first time! Could your girlfriend accompany you? I’d adore it!

You can use the Jane Valentine sex doll in any position you can imagine thanks to her flexible and fully articulated skeleton. All of the body’s joints are constructed using cutting-edge technology, allowing for a wide range of sexual positions.

The desire for beauty is the foundation for every Irontech Doll creation! The architects of this brand try to restore every detail as they create it. In order for the sex doll to feel real in every centimeter, special care was taken with the skin, makeup, and features of the face.

Jane Valentine is one example of the stunningly beautiful sex dolls produced by Irontech Doll. Irontech Doll artisans handcrafted the flawless face of this beauty to perfection. It possesses characteristics that are truly flawless.

Sex via the mouth, tongue, or both is possible. The ribbed and uneven texture of the vaginal opening accurately reflects the anatomy of a real vagina. Your love doll can meet all of your physical and emotional needs by giving you all of its attention and granting all of your wishes!

Height: 4 ft 11 in. / 150 cm.

Weight: 60 lbs. / 27 kg.

Upper Bust: 27.6 in. / 70 cm.

Under Bust: 22.4 in. / 57 cm.

Waist: 20.9 in. / 53 cm.

Hips: 33.7 in. / 85.5 cm.

Arm Length: 22 in. / 56 cm.

Shoulder Width: 13.4 in. / 34 cm.

Calf Circumference: 11 in. / 28 cm.

Thigh Circumference: 18.9 in. / 48 cm.

Leg Length: 30.7 in. / 78 cm.

Foot Length: 8.5 in. / 21.5 cm.

Vaginal Depth: 7.1 in. / 18 cm.

Anal Depth: 6.7 in. / 17 cm.

Oral Depth: 5.1 in. / 13 cm.

Material: TPE with a Metal Skeleton.


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