Jane Big Booty Ebony Sex Doll

Meet Jane, the latest 158 cm (5’2″) Irontech Doll creation. Jane is a stunning ebony sex doll. This stunning black beauty has large, generous breasts and thighs that are thick and muscular. Jane has gray hair in a gradient. Her eyes are blue.

Sex Doll Measurements

Height: 158cm | 5ft 2 inch
Full Bust: 95cm | 37.4 inch
Under Bust: 63.5cm | 25 inch
Waist: 58cm | 22.8 inch
Hips: 105cm | 42.5 inch
Shoulder Width: 37.5cm | 14.8 inch
Arm Length: 62.5cm | 24.6 inch
Feet Length: 21.5cm | 8.5 inch
Weight: 45kg | 99.2 lbs

Mouth depth: 15 cm
Vagina depth: 17 cm
Vagina diameter: 1.5 cm
Anal depth: 17 cm
Anal diameter: 1.5 cm


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