Heath Male Sex Doll

Heath has natural-looking skin and strong muscles. He exhibits the most basic desire, making it impossible for you to transfer your realization. He portrays a very typical man. The most intricate production techniques are used for each and every part of his body. Additionally, his height is low so that you can carry it with ease. A sex doll has a very heavy weight. You won’t be able to support the doll’s weight if the height is too high. Therefore, whether you want to satisfy your desires or hope to become friends with him, this sex doll is ideal for you. He can fulfill all of your desires.

Size & Info

Height: 170cm silicone head male doll
Weight: 48GK
Gross Weight: 55KG
Upper burst: : 82cm
Under burst: 74cm
Waist: 69cm
Hip: 96cm
Mouth hole length:
Anal Cavity Length: 13cm
Foot: 22cm
Arm length: 62cm
Long legs: 89cm
Thigh circumference: 56cm
Package size: Package size160/42/31cm
Big penis: length 23cm perimeter 15.5cm
Small penis: length 19cm perimeter 11cm
Package size: 153*36*26cm


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