Harley Quinn Life Like Sex Doll

The psychotic personality of Harley Quinn was ingrained in her from childhood, and it got worse when she met the Joker and developed an unhealthy attachment to him. Harley gradually realizes that Joker is abusing her and that she needs to be independent to be healthy after Ivy intervenes, which leads to her desire to join the Legion of Doom. However, “Being Harley Quinn” reveals that Joker is deeply ingrained in her subconscious, implying that her attempts to demonstrate her independence were motivated subconsciously by a desire to demonstrate herself to him; His power over Harley causes her to relapse after joining the L.O.D., which causes her allies to lose their support.

Brand: Starpery

Head: Flora

Height: 174cm

Weight (TPE): 45kg

Weight with reduction option (TPE): 36kg

Weight (Silicone): 46kg

Weight with reduction option (Silicone): 38.5kg

Material: Silicone Head (Choice of TPE or silicone body)

Cup Size: G

Shoulder: 37cm

Full Bust: 89cm

Underbust: 60.5cm

Waist: 54cm

Hips: 101.5cm

Thigh Girth: 55cm

Foot Size: 22.5cm

Vagina Depth: 19cm

Anus Depth: 17cm

Oral Depth (Soft Head Only): 12cm


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