Ellie The Last of Us Game Lady Sex Doll

Ellie must be familiar to anyone who has played The Last of Us. She is daring, kind, and adorable. Do you want to start a romance with this female warrior and fight with her?

The action-adventure game The Last of Us Ellie Williams served as inspiration for the Ellie sex doll.

Ellie, a brave 14-year-old, has lived her entire life in this harsh environment. She is an orphan who was raised in a military-run boarding school within the quarantine zone. She is naive and interested in the world around her.

Ellie is merely a silicone figurine. She is nothing more than a display of sex dolls dressed up as well-known characters in cosplay costumes, not actual game or franchise merchandise.

Do you like this intelligent and pretty girl? You will be satisfied by the Game Lady sex doll.


Brand: Game Lady

Head: 02

Height: 168cm / 5ft7

Weight: 39.7kg

Material: Silicone

Cup Size: E Cup

Full Bust: 82.5cm

Underbust: 63.5cm

Waist: 62cm

Hips: 95.5cm

Neck: 32cm

Shoulder Width: 40.5cm

In recent years, Game Lady is a new silicone love doll manufacturer. Game Lady was founded in 2020 and has developed for two years, creating seven head designs and three body designs. Using AI modeling and entity scan modeling based on anime and video game characters, Game Lady has produced love dolls that are very realistic and beautiful. Fans of anime, dolls, and video games love it a lot. Are your goddesses Aerith, Ciri, Ellie, Lockne, Mama, and Tifa? Game Lady can help you realize your goals! The imported silicone used in Game Lady’s love doll is highly safe, flexible, feels real, and gives lovers the best possible experience.


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