Charles Sports Male Sex Doll

Hello, my name is Charles, and I’m a 5’8″ male sex doll who enjoys fitness and football. And what do you go by? What height are you? In the IRONTECH DOLL workshop, I have sexy curves. I am proud of my attractive chest and figure. My head is made of silicone and my body is made of quality TPE material.

I like to take pictures and seduce men, so I know I’m beautiful. Do you enjoy my pictures? I should be a very generously compensated friend. But I didn’t. I don’t like everyone. I can be touched by any kind man, but only one man can have my heart. Will it be you? Bring me back home, I will be your unwavering companion and sweetheart. I’m always glad to have you around, but I never say anything. I don’t like that, so please don’t pull my hair too hard. I adore giving powerful blows. Anal sex is something I really enjoy. Sincerely, I’ll want you to treat me like this frequently. Are you excited like I am? I am so excited to have you. I am a brand-new sex doll made by a well-known manufacturer. I’m made of exceptionally quite great material. I will come to your home with guidelines on the best way to appropriately wash and care for me subsequent to having intercourse so you can continuously appreciate me. You can learn how to take care of me and what you can do with me on the blog. At a private residence in Prague, you can begin with one of my friends. Inform you of the results using a real doll. In any case, kindly return for me. I will be dedicated to You and will reimburse you with my boundless sexual energy.

Doll Measurements:

Model: male sex doll / female sex doll
Brand: Irontech doll
Item type: sex doll type sex doll
Materials: 100% tpe with articulated metal skeleton
Bust: 90cm
Waist circumference: 76cm
Hipline: 99cm
Upper line: 54cm
Calfline: 46cm
Foot size: 25cm
Shoulder width: 43cm
Weight: 50kg
Additional options available (hair, penis size, beard, etc.)


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