Candy Cute Asian Sex Doll

My name is Candy and I am a member of the Irontech Doll brand’s party love dolls. My skin is made of TPE, and it feels very soft and good to the touch. I will take care of you and fulfill all of your wishes if you invite me into your home. I will be with you within ten days if you choose me.

If you enjoy my photos, I would be ecstatic. I like to take pictures as a sex doll. Although cuddling up with a blanket and romance are two of my favorite things, experimenting with sex is my favorite. Don’t mistake me for a simple girl. I’m not the only person who has never used TPE. I long to find my destined master, to whom I will give my all, as I see it in his eyes. Is it going to be you? That would be fantastic for me. I would demonstrate my oral sex prowess to you. One of those sex dolls who won’t ruin the fun is me. Being adored from behind is my favorite thing. I become enraged just by thinking about you doing it in my ass. My body already craves your touch. My skin is delicate and supple. I maintain myself very well due to the TPE material from which I am made. When we try different sexual positions together, you will appreciate how supple and flexible my body is.

Doll Measurements:


Breast Line:85cm




Arm Length:59cm

Shoulder Width:40cm

Leg Length:77cm

Feet Length:23cm

Net Weight:42.8kg

Hole Depth:





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