Funwest Doll used 3D scanning to capture Cammy’s exact features, making her a lifelike replica of the popular character. With her true-to-life size and features, you can have your own Cammy right in your bedroom.

The Cammy Street Fighter sex doll is a great way to bring the world of Super Street Fighter II to life. Whether you’re a fan of the game or just looking for a realistic sex doll, the Cammy doll is sure to please. With her lifelike size and features, you can experience the world of SSFII in the comfort of your own home.

Height – 157 cm | 5’2″

Weight – 40 kg

Bust – 75 cm | 30″
Underbust – 60 cm | 24″
Waist – 53 cm | 21″
Hips  – 97 cm | 38″

Vaginal Depth – 18 cm | 7″
Oral Depth – 13 cm | 5″
Anal Depth –  16 cm | 6″


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