Bill Male Sex Doll

Allow yourself to be enticed by delight and fall into the arms of Bill. This smoldering charmer is a silicone male sex doll that looks very real. Find Bill in a series of very hot shots to get a better idea of his incredible body. You will notice that this 170cm IronTech male sex doll has a nice, sturdy penis and some hair. Because you can choose how your future partner will look, all of this is optional. A whole new world of fantasies awaits you when you have Bill as your companion. This erotic male sex doll can be active or passive thanks to its penetrable anus. He knows how to adjust to the necessities and wants of his accomplices. You will be able to dress him to your liking and get him to participate in a wide range of inappropriate sexual situations.

Height: 170cm / 5ft7
Head: M7
Material: Silicone
Shoulder width: 43cm
Chest: 91cm
Waist: 72cm
Hip: 95cm
Leg: 78cm
Arm: 62cm
Feet: 24cm
Weight: 38kg
Head Connector: M16
Anal Capability: Yes


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