Angelina Cute Teen Sex Doll

Angelina is a gorgeous and sophisticated cute teen sex doll with a hairy bush. She has a petite body, cute big eyes, and hot little lips. As one of the love dolls, she is really hot, erotic, and has a lovely long neck. She looks pretty and is tempting with her long hair.

Angelina is one of the sex dolls made of high-quality medical-grade TPE, which gives her body a feel and look that are extremely realistic. Like a real person, her skin is velvety and soft. It is a sex doll that you might want to have at home.

The moment of having intercourse is the second that you will have a feeling of euphoria. She is an astonishing doll with perky tits that you can squeeze with delight. You’ll fall in love with Angelina. She is a delicious sex doll who aspires to always be your favorite.

Height: 5 ft 4 in. / 163 cm. C-Cup

Weight: 75 lbs. / 34 kg.

Full Bust: 32.3 in. / 82 cm.

Under Bust: 26 in. / 66 cm.

Waist: 24.4 in. / 62 cm.

Hips: 32.3 in. / 82 cm.

Foot Length: 8.3 in. / 21 cm.

Thigh Circumference: 18.9 in. / 48 cm.

Calf Circumference: 11.8 in. / 30 cm.

Ankle Circumference: 7.9 in. / 20 cm.

Wrist Circumference: 5.1 in. / 13 cm.

Upper Arm Circumference: 8.3 in. / 21 cm.

Leg Length: 35.4 in. / 90 cm.

Arm Length: 26 in. / 66 cm.

Shoulder Width: 13.4 in. / 34 cm.

Vaginal Depth: 7.1 in. / 18 cm.

Anal Depth: 6.3 in. / 16 cm.

Oral Depth: 4.7 in. / 12 cm.

Material: TPE with a Metal Skeleton.


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