Amelia Barcelona Sex Doll

162cm Amelia Sex Doll. Amelia is a lifelike sex doll.

Amelia, a gorgeous exotic brunette, is 26 years old, lives in Barcelona (Spain), works with a friend, and she spends her days sunbathing: I enjoy sunbathing and fucking. Men’s dicks grow as if by magic when I sunbathe and shower. In the swimsuits, I see how they get a boner and ask me to fuck. My little ass is extremely narcissistic and will go insane in search of a good, stiff cock. I’m looking for a man who does that well. Every day, give me warm milk to my pussy and ass. The sex doll has fully articulated metal skeletons, allowing it to be positioned in a variety of positions. Your sex doll’s experience will be enhanced by 3 holes—oral, anus, and vaginal.

Body measurements:

Height:5 ft 4 in / 162 cm
Weight:77.2 lbs / 35 kg
Bra Size:E-Cup
Bust:2 ft 8 in / 81 cm
Waist:1 ft 10 in / 57 cm
Hip:3 ft / 91 cm
Vagina Depth:7.1 in / 18 cm
Anus Depth:5.9 in / 15 cm
Oral Depth:4.7 in / 12 cm

Love Holes

Vaginal Depth:7.1 in / 18cm
Anal Depth:6.3 in / 16cm
Oral Depth:13cm


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